Drilling, boring, reaming, thread cutting, milling

We have vertical milling machining centres that enable precise and fast machining of complex surfaces and shapes in three axes. Our centres allow drilling, boring, reaming, thread cutting and workpiece milling.

Automatic replacement of tools from a magazine enables automatic cycle work. Using special accessories, the machine allows the use of productive tools with a central coolant supply.

What we can produce

Our technologies are suitable for machining smaller, complex parts of a flat or box nature. Most of our experience with these technologies is tied to aviation production, regularly producing a wide range of different components for turboprop engines. However, we also have experience in production in other industries, such as the automotive industry (engine parts, gearboxes), arms industry, engineering industry (housings, fits) or in hydraulics and fittings (blocks, control and connecting elements, valves, industrial fittings, etc.).

We produce primarily from steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys. Other materials can be machined upon agreement.

We assess production and price calculations based on the submitted drawings. 

Technical data of our milling machining centres

Table clamping surface dimensions: 1300x600
Workpiece weight (maximum table load): without crane max. 20 kg

X-axis: 1016 mm
Y-axis: 610 mm
Z-axis: 710 mm

Distance between the spindle face and the clamping table: 100-810 mm

Spindle taper: ISO 40
Maximum speed: 10,000 rpm
Speed change: infinitely variable

Working feed X, Y, Z: 1-30,000 mm.min- 1
Quick feed X, Y, Z: 30 m.min- 1

Magazine capacity: 24
Maximum tool length: 300 (350) mm
Maximum tool diameter: 75 (75) mm
Maximum tool diameter excluding adjacent tools: 120 (130) mm
Maximum tool weight: 6.5 kg

Measuring X, Y, Z: direct
Surface setting accuracy: 0.012 mm
Surface setting repeatability: 0.005 mm