We are specialists for the production of fittings

In the automotive sector we focus primarily on the production of fittings, which are components of the air conditioning system (HVAC) of passenger cars and lorries. These are parts which terminate the branches (pipes) of air conditioning systems and connect the individual components of the vehicle's air conditioning (compressor, condenser, evaporator...).

How do we produce fittings?

We produce fittings by machining according to the technical specifications provided by the customer in the form of a drawing or model. The raw material for the manufacture of fittings is precision extruded profiles of aluminium alloys and it is also possible to produce parts from castings and forgings. Every year we consume around 1790 tonnes of aluminium profiles for the production of fittings.

We provide mass production of fittings on highly productive Hydromat transfer machines from the Swiss company Pfiffner, or for mid-size series we use German CNC machines, Chiron. Our operation also has other technology for finishing processes. Read more about our production program. Within Česká Zbrojovka a.s. we are able to provide a wide range of surface finishes according to customer requirements.

After production, the fittings go through careful visual inspection and thorough measurement on 3D coordinate measuring machines, through which we verify the required quality parameters. Chemical cleaning and degreasing are also performed, after which the fittings are then packaged, according to the needs of the client, in cardboard packaging or in returnable plastic crates, after which we dispatch.

Why fittings from  CZ-AUTO? 

Each year, more than 32,5 million fittings leave our production facility. We specialize in mass production, which we are able to achieve in a very short time-frame. 

In the course of one day we can manufacture up to 100 thousand fittings

Of course, we are also able to deliver mid-size or smaller series.

We offer complete service for the manufacture of fittings, from production of samples up to the final dispatch. We have experience with logistics practically world-wide. We deliver fittings to customers in Europe, North and South America and also in Asia.

Our fittings

My name si Fitting and this is my story 

Hi, my name is Fitting and I've just been born. I'm not very big, but I have many brothers. Every year, CZ-AUTO produces over 32.5 million of us! You can surely find us even in your own car. We are an important part of the air conditioning system of every motor vehicle. We terminate the piping and interconnect the compressor, condenser, evaporator and other components of the vehicle's air conditioning. Basically, the whole system holds together thanks to us.

Do you like me? Someone has already made a comic strip about me, so you can look at my whole story. Find out more about our production at CZ-AUTO.