We produce top gear wheels and shafts

We have many decades of experience in regard to the manufacture of gears and shafts. We supply these products, the manufacture of which is extremely demanding particularly in terms of precision, to companies that operate mainly in the aerospace and energy industries. 

Gears which have either straight or helical cogs

Our manufacturing technology is based on CNC turning, milling gear hobbing and CNC shaping, followed by a subsequent heat treatment and the final CNC grinding of gears which have either straight or helical cogs.

Quality control

The quality of the materials used, their careful monitoring throughout the entire production process and subsequently the thorough inspection of each product is taken as a matter of course for us. Each of the produced parts undergoes a rigorous inspection process. For this purpose we have our own specialised department available. 

Certification, membership

Our company is certified in accordance with the European standards and we work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority in the area of providing supplies for the aviation industry. We are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority for the production and repair of aviation equipment. We are also members of the Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry.

Manufacturing specifications


1 - 7

Helix angle

+/- 45 

Tip diameter


The width of the toothing


The length of the part between the centres


The workpiece weight, including that of the jig

25 kg


longitudinal, transverse

The degree of precision

5 DIN 


How we produce the gears and shafts? 

Although at first glance it does not seem like it, the gear shape, based on its use, is very complex. The actual production is therefore a relatively complicated technological process, in which the key element is precision. Consequently each piece that is produced by CZ-AUTO passes through a demanding and sophisticated system of measurement and control, for the purpose of which we established our own specialised department.

Due to differences in the final use of gears their production also varies in terms of its productivity, its demands for precision, the amount of the input production costs and also the demands for special machines. To produce gears and gear shafts CZ-AUTO uses modern technology from amongst the world's major producers. In CZ-AUTO we primarily produce gears from steel, but we can also work with many other different materials.

           GEAR GRINDING BY HOBBING ON GRINDING MACHINES                  This highly productive technology enables the grinding of cogs by means of eight controlled axes. It works on the principle of the continuous grinding of the gears by hobbing, with a simultaneous tangential movement of the workpiece. This modern grinding facility produces gears of high quality and precision. The measurement of the parts is implemented in a specialised inspection department.