Quality policy

The company management has taken responsibility for QMS and declares a quality policy for the period of 2020-2024.


We strive for continuous improvement of the quality management system and individual processes.

Our business activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations.

We continue the long tradition of manufacturing aircraft gearboxes, gear wheels and metal parts, including assemblies for the automotive industry 


  1. Satisfied customers are an important condition for the success of our business. Their feedback is important to us. Therefore, we listen to their needs and expectations, actively work with selected suggestions and thus increase customer satisfaction. It is a way for us to retain our existing customers and, based on their positive references, gain new customers.
  2. In both our production programmes, focused on the automotive and aviation industry, we place high demands on product quality and our supply reliability.
  3. We focus our attention and energy on improving quality in all processes across the company. Our aim is to work on quality without unnecessarily increasing our expenses.
  4. We actively address the requirements of customers, the owner, employees and other interested parties. This creates an environment for defining, implementing and reviewing strategies, policies and objectives to the benefit of all interested parties.


  1. The core value of the company is our people, for whom we create optimal conditions leading to increasing their knowledge and professional skills.
  2. We also focus on the satisfaction and motivation of our employees by constantly improving working and social conditions.
  3. From our employees, we expect pro-customer thinking, active approach in solving new and existing tasks and suggestions for improvement of all processes that affect the quality of products.
  4. We support open communication across the company, develop creative potential and motivate each other.


  1. We use development investments that improve the production technology and have a positive impact on quality, efficiency and productivity.
  2. Continuous productivity growth in all processes and growth in manufacturing process capability is a prerequisite for our long-term success.
  3. Based on the available information and experience, we improve our activities and processes in order to fulfil the declared strategy of the company in the long term.
  4. We positively motivate employees to directly participate in the improvement process.