Our domain of expertise is machining using fully automated production lines focused on the most efficient mass production of fittings used in automotive HVAC systems. We use modern production technologies from major global manufacturers of CNC machining equipment. For mass production of fittings, we are using Pfiffner transfer machine tools. Medium-sized series are produced with the use of German machine tools made by Chiron. Thanks to these technologies, we can mass-produce parts by cutting operation in million series, produce parts by compression moulding and assemble heat exchanger sub-assemblies. A substantial portion of the deliveries is currently parts made of aluminium and aluminium alloys, but we also machine materials of various grades of steel and brass.

One of the strengths of our company is also productive CNC machining of rotating and non-rotating parts with high precision and quality requirements. The production includes turning, milling, slotting, drawing, drilling using conventional technologies, production of toothing by hobbing and slotting, grinding of external and internal diameters, honing, flat grinding and tooth grinding.